A photographic journey through a street of Nashik town in Maharashtra, where small video houses exhibit movies at cheaper rates compared to mainstream theatres. Ticket prices range from Rs 5 to Rs 15. Tickets for adult movies and Hindi-dubbed versions of Hollywood flicks are sold at Rs 15.

A view of the Video Galli
The entrance of a video house
A video house owner
Most of the viewers are ordinary working class men
A few video houses have digital projectors while most others use DVD/CD players and television sets to screen the movies
Viewers, mostly daily wage labourers and unemployed youth, throng video houses
Inside one of the adult movie houses. This particular one was playing a Malayalam soft porn from early 1980's
The floors of video houses that play adult movies are often strewn with used condoms and semen
There is no fixed place to sit inside video houses. Viewers are free to sit anywhere they please. A man is seen enjoying the movie at the farthest corner of a video house
Hollywood movie'War of the Worlds'being shown at a video house
Predominantly male-dominated spaces, video houses sometimes attract women as well. Even if the house is full, someone will offer chairs to the female viewers
A man watching an Hindi movie in one of the video houses in the Video Galli
Tickets vary from cut pieces of cigarette boxes to printed ones. Rates often range from Rs 10 to Rs 15. Adult movies and Hollywood flicks come at the top of price chart. The cut piece papers come from adult movie houses
A man comes out from one of the video houses in Nashik


That place looked like carnival ground. People were walking here and there, talking in loud voice. During the peak hours of evening, when all would be returning to their nesting grounds after the day’s routine work, this kind of crowd was not very unusual.

I was at Bardhaman railway station, awaiting the long distance Amritsar Mail. A beautiful female voice had just announced that the train was running an hour behind the schedule. I was standing impatiently, counting minutes.


Shriek… A strange voice caught my attention. I looked around. Spectators were gathering around something in a corner, not very far from where I was standing. I walked towards the crowd to see what was going on.


A family of Bonnet monkeys. They were three. An infant, its mother and father. They were chained together with a rope and metal collars. A middle aged man wearing a dusty white shirt and blue lungi was seeking alms from the onlookers. Both the adult monkeys seemed to be familiar with such crowds around. But the infant was yet to feel the reality of life outside jungle. It wanted to move freely like the onlooking strange creatures. It tried to move. Alaas! Whenever tried, it had to pull the parents too. A difficult task indeed.


The tight collar around its neck was disturbing the baby very much. The mother tried several times to break free her baby. But all her attempts ended up in vain. Thanks to their master who was too much dependent on them for his daily bread.

Photographed @ Bardhaman, West Bengal


Awaiting entry to eternity: An elderly sick woman looks up as bodies are cremated at a ghat near the Pashupatinath temple. People from far away lands bring their ready-to-die relatives here to ensure that the latter are cremated immediately after their demise. The belief is that this action would ensure an early entry for the dead into eternal life. Photographed @ Kathmandu, Nepal